Unveiling Jesus

Beholding Jesus in His Amazing Grace

Life Springs Church has transitioned from being a church to being a teaching ministry. For more details, please see "a note from us" by Mark and Tricia Gunn and Bill and Von Jenkins, the founders of Life Springs Church.

Bible studies, conferences, and future plans for furthering the glorious Gospel of Grace will now be under the ministry of Parresia

We still have the vision of “life springs” going forth to our city and beyond and the Gospel reaching the world. We still believe that every dream in our hearts will come to pass. Among the specific plans/ dreams that we will continue to have are the following:

  • Gatherings where Jesus is honored and worshipped, and His grace is proclaimed.
  • Teaching series which are video and audio recorded and made available on-line.
  • Hosting conferences such as the the ones we will be hosting this summer - “Will the Real Gospel Please Stand Up” with Bill Snell, Mark Machen, and Tricia Gunn; the “Birmingham Grace Conference” with Rob Rufus; and future “Women of Grace” conferences
  • Producing a video series called “I Am” for millennials which is focused on their identity in Christ
  • Producing a women’s TV talk show where women discuss how grace is applied in our lives
  • Producing grace-based materials, music, books, DVD’s, and CD’s 
  • Developing an “All Things Grace” ministry school to teach/ train leaders in the Gospel of grace in every area of life and ministry 
  • Purchasing a building for the school and the ministry
  • Sowing generously into other ministries and churches that spread the Gospel of the amazing grace of Jesus Christ.

Parresia will incur the present and future operating expenses of the ministry of Life Springs Church. If you would like to continue to support this ministry, click here. Donations are tax deductible.