Unveiling Jesus

Beholding Jesus in His Amazing Grace

This is the prophetic word given by Bill Snell on 4-20-14 to Life Springs Church. 

Transcript of "Word to Birmingham": 

What you have in your heart is from Me. Remember My promise – I promised I would give you the desires of your heart. I meant what I said. 

I know your love and concern for your city. Birmingham does not belong to religion. It doesn't belong to the law. It doesn't belong to principalities and powers. Birmingham belongs to no man and no thing - Birmingham belongs to Me!

Do not despise small beginnings. Don't grow weary in well doing. What I have begun, I will complete. I have given dreams and visions to some. To others have given resources, skills and abilities.

Be careful that you do not trust everything you see and hear. Set your attention on things above. Renew your faith and confidence in My plans, My timing, and My way of doing things. 

What I have in mind is better than you think. No investment that you have given of yourselves and your possessions has gone unnoticed. 

The work I will perform will shake Birmingham. I will expose it's nakedness, not to embarrass or to humiliate, but to bring truth and healing. 

Great will be her exposure, yet even greater will be her healing. Your role in the healing will be no small part. Be ready. It's coming.


It's not okay! It's not okay to know what you know concerning the mysteries and realities of Christ's finished work, and not share it. 

It's not okay to share the riches of His glory is calling in the saints and not lavish your city with love. 

It's not okay to be granted kingdom ambassadorship and not show forth the beauty and power of His kingdom. It's not okay to have the answer for a lost world and not give it away.