Unveiling Jesus

Beholding Jesus in His Amazing Grace

 Rob and Glenda Rufus

Rob and Glenda Rufus

Birmingham Grace Conference

With Rob and Glenda Rufus

July 25-26, 2015

Life Springs Church and Life of Faith Church in Birmingham, AL, are excited to host Rob & Glenda Rufus of City Church International, Hong Kong for the FREE 2 day "Birmingham Grace Conference" on July 25th & 26th. 

To register for the FREE two day conference and for more information about the location, the schedule, and hotels, visit BirminghamGraceConference.com



Saturday, July 25th

Morning Session: 10:00 am

Pastor/Leader Lunch: 12:00 noon
(Pastors/Leaders, please reserve your spot for lunch by emailing BirminghamGraceConference@gmail.com)

Evening Session: 6:30 pm

Sunday, July 26th

Morning Session: 10:00 am

Rob Rufus and his wife Glenda have been in ministry since 1977, planting amazing churches all over the world. Rob regularly speaks internationally at conferences, churches and church networks and bringing profound revelation of the Gospel of Grace. His desire is to see people, churches, and nations liberated with the transforming power of God’s Grace.

Rob has appeared numerous times on Christian and secular television and is the author of a host of publications. Rob and Glenda currently live in Hong Kong where they are senior pastors of City Church International. Check out their church website here.